So why Dragonfly Personalised Designs?

My partner & I were trying to decide on a name and wanted something that said what we actually offered so that is the “personalised designs” element of our name. We went through lots of choices but were sat in the garden one evening and a beautiful blue dragonfly came close to us. We started talking about dragonflies and it all started from their.

We found it hard to find personalised gifts for our children as their names, especially our daughters are not common names. Many years ago we started making mugs but found we didn’t have enough room to expand. We moved home almost 9 years ago but had planned on extending which we did a few years later. That was when we could work on expanding and launched Dragonfly Personalised Designs in May 2015. We now offer a wide range of personalised gifts and items, we are able to print on items, cut wood/acrylic, we print personalised tape and more. As you can see our range is growing weekly.

We are always asked if we can make this or that and we are often able to help so if you see something you like but its not quite right always ask us and we will try our best.

We both work full time and run the Dragonfly business part time around managing our house and the kids. We love being able to offer people gifts that are personalised, they mean more and the recipients love the fact that their gifts have been thought about and not just brought from the high street.

That’s it for now, keep an eye out for more updates…. thanks Dragonfly Personalised Designs

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